Choosing subjects in grade 9 shouldn’t be difficult if you are honest with yourself regarding your strengths and weaknesses. However, at the age of 14/15, sometimes one doesn’t quite know what these strengths and SUBJECT-CHOICE-REVIEWweaknesses are, especially given that the personality is not fully developed as yet. The main question which needs to be carefully considered is whether or not to choose Science related subjects as without these, there is no possibility in the future to study careers related to this field ie. Engineering, Building, Medicine. IT Programming. Having been involved in the career guidance field for many years, it has become relatively easy to discern whether a young adult has the overall ability to pursue careers within the Science field or not. In all honesty, if one is failing Mathematics and Science in grade 9, what is the likelihood of one excelling in these subjects in Matric and going on to study these subjects at tertiary level. Pretty slim, therefore, my suggestion would be to rather NOT jeopardize one’s Matric results by choosing subjects that will ultimately, never be used in one’s career. Regarding any other career choice, whether or not you choose the subject matter at hand, is irrelevant to you being able to enter that particular career for example, one can study to become an Accountant without having chosen Accounting at school. So, in light of this, this is a quick and easy exercise to assist you in determining what subjects you should consider taking… (Refer to attachment below) Now, what can you establish from the above information? Is your highest mark subject the same as your favorite subject? Are the lower mark subjects your least favourite? Are you currently failing Mathematics or Science? Are you perhaps interested in the going into the medical profession or perhaps studying programming or engineering? If these careers interest you, and you are failing Mathematics and Science, do you think you could improve your marks dramatically? Are you willing to take extra lessons? If not, if may be a more realistic idea to dismiss these careers as an option and not to choose them as subjects. If however, you are doing well in Mathematics and Science but have no desire to move into the Medical, Engineering or IT field, take them anyway. When you get to the age of 16, a full psychometric assessment can be administered to determine which careers you would be best suited to. Given that your knowledge at your age is relatively limited as to what careers are out there, don’t limit your options by not taking Mathematics and Science (once again, if you are not struggling with these subjects) If you are unclear or need further clarity in choosing subjects, please be sure to give us a call.