What is Prevue?

Prevue is an internationally recognized online HR assessment tool.  The Prevue system enables managers to measure the potential of individuals by means of evaluating their abilities, personality and interests.  The unique benchmarking facility provides managers with an opportunity to construct tailor-made job profiles set by top performers and/or management input.  Benchmarking is critical in determining what type of people best suit the job at hand as well as in establishing whether the company culture and values are in line with that of their employees.

How will Prevue help you?

Prevue generates several reports to help managers make key HR related decisions around:
  • selection
  • coaching
  • talent management
  • team building
  • performance management
  • reward & recognition
  • culture audit & evaluation
  • personal development
  • career guidance
  • identifying potential
  • graduate recruitment
  • promotion
  • succession planning
  • job profiling

Who developed Prevue?

Developed by leading authorities in occupational testing, Professor David Bartram and Dr Pat Lindley, the Prevue assessment is simple & quick to administer (taking just one hour to complete online) with results being generated within seconds after completion.

How will Prevue add value?

Prevue has undergone extensive evaluation to ensure that it is fair, valid and reliable.  Having completed several equivalency studies in South Africa to establish country specific norms, the Prevue system is registered as a test under development with the HPCSA, however it has not as  yet been classified. Assessments are conducted by AQR International with reporting & feedback being provided to HR practitioners & Line managers. The Prevue assessment will add value to your organization by:
  • reducing staff turnover
  • reducing recruitment costs
  • facilitate better decisions for hiring and promotion
  • identifying individual strengths for performance and development purposes
  • improving staff morale
  • improving overall performance
  • making HR processes more efficient and effective

What does Prevue measure?

Based on the “big 5” framework, The Prevue assessment comprises of both timed and untimed sections measuring Abilities, Interests/motivations and Personality. Abilities: Also referred to as General Mental Ability, Cognitive Reasoning or Learning Speed, this section measures the individual’s abilities in terms of:
  • working with numbers (numerical reasoning)
  • working with words (verbal reasoning)
  • working with shapes (spatial reasoning)
Interests: Assesses the individuals’ level of motivation and areas of interest in terms of:
  • working with data
  • working with people
  • working with things
Personality: Provides the following work relevant personality constructs: Prevue_Table

What reports are produced?

Selection report– measures job suitability fit and provides a list of targeted questions to probe gaps.
Personal Development report– examines the gap between the benchmark and individual profile, providing training & development suggestions.
Individual report– provides a personalized explanation of the individual results used for feedback.
Succession planning reports– identifies which roles the individual is best suited to as well as listing which candidates are suited to an individual role.
Approach to work report– identifies the individuals intrinsic values and ideal work environment they would be best suited to.

Product Enquiries

--Personal Development
--Candidate Snapshot
--Approach To Work
--Succession Planning: multi candidate
--Succession Planning: multi position
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