What is MTQ48?

MTQ48 is quick an online assessment tool used to evaluate one’s level of mental toughness or resilience. The reports generated provides both the individual & company feedback on their results as well as suggestions on how to improve their mental toughness.

How will MTQ48 add value?

Research has shown that employees who are prone to stress, generally get sick more often and under-perform in comparison to their colleagues who are more resilient. It stands to reason that the more equipped people are in handling stress, the better they will perform in the workplace. MTQ48 assessment will provide suggestions on development which once applied, will assist organizations by:
  • improving performance
  • improving staff morale
  • reducing staff turnover
  • reducing the risk of stress related claims and awards

What does MTQ48 measure?

MTQ48 comprises of four sub scales namely: CONTROL Individuals who score high on this scale feel that they are in control of their work and their work environment.  At the high end of the scale they will be able to handle lots of things at the same time.  At the other end they may only be comfortable handling one thing at a time. This scale is furthermore broken down into two sub-scales referred to as: Control (Emotion) Individuals scoring high on this scale are better able to control their emotions and better able to keep anxieties in check. Control (Life) Individuals scoring high on this scale are more likely to believe that they control their lives.  They feel that they can make a difference. CHALLENGE: Sometimes called change orientation, this describes the extent to which individuals see problems as opportunities.  At one end of the scale we find those who thrive in continually changing environments.  At the other end we find those who prefer to minimize their exposure to change and the problems that come with that. COMMITMENT Sometimes described as “stickability” this describes the ability for an individual to carry out tasks successfully despite any problems or obstacles which arise whilst achieving their goals.  Consequently an individual who scores at the high end of the scale will be able to handle and achieve things to tough unyielding deadlines. CONFIDENCE Individuals who are high in confidence have the self-belief to successfully complete tasks, which may be considered too difficult by individuals with similar abilities but with lower confidence.  At the other end of the scale individuals will be unsettled by setbacks and will feel undermined by these. Confidence (abilities) Individuals scoring highly on this scale are more likely to believe that they are truly worthwhile Confidence (interpersonal) Individuals scoring highly on this scale tend to be more assertive.  They are less likely to be intimidated in social settings and are more likely to cope with difficult or awkward people

What reports are produced?

Assessor report– designed for recruitment, this report provides at least 5 questions on each scale to enable managers to probe individual scores more effectively.
Development report– provides individual feedback with suggestions for own personal development
Coaching report– provides a personalized explanation of the individual results used for feedback.
Organisational development report– this analyses scores on each scale for selected groups to identify trends and patterns.
Distance travelled report– this is a comparison report based on a current and previous assessment for an individual.
--Distance Traveled
--Organisational Development

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