Who are Lumina Learning?

A global research based company providing innovative tools and methodologies that transform organizations by transforming people

How will Lumina help you?

The Lumina suite of tools encompass Leadership Development, Sales Capability, Team  Dynamics, Personal awareness & EQ and a myriad of applications in a fun and innovative  way that lasts

How will Lumina add value?

Lumina adds value by sustainably supporting behavioral shifts in individuals, teams and organizations, aligned to strategy

What does prevue measure?

Lumina Measures 4 colour Archetypes, 8 Aspects, 24 Qualities and 3 Persona’s in an individual. This unique combination embraces paradox, recognizing that an individual can behave very differently at different times and can switch between polar opposites of behavior

What reports are produced?

Lumina Spark is a holistic personality profile, a detailed report is produced, highlighting strengths, development areas and particularly focusing on behavior patterns in:
  • Natural psychological preference
  • Everyday behavior
  • Behaviour under pressure
Lumina Leader focusses on 4 leadership domains and 16 leadership qualities It then breaks this down into:
  • Actual behavior
  • Behaviour under pressure
Lumina Sales concentrates on 24 Sales Qualities mapped to a 6 stage Sales Cycle It then breaks down into:
  • Your natural strengths
  • Development areas
  • Actual behaviour
  • Behaviour under pressure
Lumina Team concentrates on a teams behavior patterns at an 8 aspect level It then breaks down into:
  • Natural psychological preference
  • Everyday behavior
  • Behaviour under pressure
  • Combined behaviour
--Spark Portrait
--Lumina Leader 360
--Lumina Sales

Product Enquiries

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    (One on one assessments conducted by Assessments Online)
    End-User Licence
    (For companies looking to use products for In-House use)
    Distributor Licence
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