What is ILM72?

ILM72 is quick an online assessment tool used to evaluate one’s leadership style. The reports generated provides both the individual & company feedback on their results as well as suggestions on how to develop their leadership style.

How will ILM72 add value?

Leadership is one of the key elements in inspiring people towards the achievement of organisational goals The reports produced by the ILM72 assessment will provide suggestions on development which once applied, will assist organizations by:
  • Identifying where and how leadership style may be developed for a given situation
  • Identifying key skills and competencies for effective leadership
  • Guide the individuals and organizations to reflect on leadership and how it can be effective for them

What does ILM72 measure?

 ILM72 comprises of specific scales as well as global factors: SPECIFIC SCALES
1 Task v. Person This measures the extent to which the individual is orientated towards meeting of the task or is concerned with the needs of individuals
2 Flexible v. Dogmatic This measures the extent to which the leader prefers to involve others in analysis and decision making in the organization
3 De-centralized v. Centralized Describes the extent to which the leader feels they are central to the operation and to what extent they will empower others to exercise authority
4 Reward v. Punishment This measure the extent to which the leader believes that people are motivated by reward or by punishment
5 The means v. The end Measures how important hitting goals and targets are to the person and what they will sacrifice to get there
6 Structured v. Organic Measures the extent to which structure, planning and personal organization are important to the person and to what extent they will rely upon their intuition and instinct
1 Determination to Deliver This measures single minded determination to achieve.
2 Individual Cohesion This measures the leader’s focus on the confidence and commitment of individuals to enable them to contribute to the organization
3 Team Working This measures the leaders focus on harnessing all the potential in an organization so that problem solving and decision making can occur in the most effective way

What reports are produced?

Assessor report– designed for recruitment, this report provides at least 5 questions on each scale to enable managers to probe individual scores more effectively.
Development report– provides individual feedback with suggestions for own personal development
Coaching report– provides a personalized explanation of the individual results used for feedback.
Organisational development report– this analyses scores on each scale for selected groups to identify trends and patterns.
Distance travelled report– this is a comparison report based on a current and previous assessment for an individual.
--Organisational Development
--Distance Travelled

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