A few years ago people talked of career paths as if it was possible to join an organisation or a profession and progress upwards quickly or slowly through a number of jobs or grades.HOW-IMPORTANT-IS-CAREER-GUIDANCE Things have now changed – and will never be the same again! In fact, you are likely to have several jobs throughout your career. Now people also talk about “finding your way through the career maze” and about “career development”. Today, planning your career is much more like planning a journey with several stopping off points or “destinations” along the way. You need to decide on your destination (what career you want to move into), what to pack in your suitcase (skills, qualifications etc you will need) and what route would suit you best (means of getting there). Your career route is unlikely to be a straight line between where you are now and where you want to be at some point in the future. You may hit dead ends, some routes will be quicker than others and unexpected things do happen (road works!) which will result in your plans having to change before reaching your job destination. There is also the possibility that, if you have not done enough initial planning, when you reach your job destination, it may not be what you expected it to be. One extremely valuable input in devising a systematic plan, is to visit a career guidance specialist. With today’s modern technology, there are a variety of computerised assessments available to aid you in choosing a suitable career. The next important step is to adopt a structured process to assist you in implementing good decisions and choices. The RACPAC methodology was developed by AQR Ltd in the UK, and it is offered through Assessments Online, a South African based career guidance company. RACPAC stands for: Research, Analysis, Choose, Plan, Action, Change. With the aid of colour imported workbook, the RACPAC methodology is easily applied through a series of exercises and questionnaires. Fun and vibrant, the workbook also focuses on the importance of determining one’s employability profile – vitally important to establish before choosing a career. Prevue for Careers, a comprehensive career guidance assessment, is also offered. The assessment measures one’s ability, personality and interests, and then matches students to a database of international and local careers. Students are then also provided with access to a resource web-site detailing job descriptions, tertiary institutions, courses and bursaries available. For further information, contact us today!