What is Career Mapper?

Career Mapper is a comprehensive career guidance solution.  Career Mapper comprises of three elements:
  • Prevue for Careers The Prevue for careers system is an international recognized online career guidance tool which evaluates one’s ability, personality and interests, matching the results to an extensive database of both local and international job profiles.
  • Work Planning Guide Designed to help differentiate you from everyone else looking for employment, this practical workbook provides exercises and suggestions to establish your key strengths & abilities.  Aided by the Prevue for careers results, you will be able to determine which careers are best suited to you, as well as providing you with a strategic model to follow in order to succeed in the business world.
  • The Perfect Career Planner This web-site will provide you with everything you need to know about careers from detailed job descriptions, places to study (local and internationally), similar occupations within your field of study, tertiary courses on offer etc…The research has been done for you – all you need to do is log on!

How will Career Mapper help you?

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. With the aid of modern technology, guessing is no longer an option! By completing our online assessment, you will be matched to a vast database of both local & international careers that are best suited to you! You will also receive the tools to aid you in succeeding in your chosen career.

Who developed Prevue for Careers?

Developed by leading authorities in occupational testing, Professor David Bartram and Dr Pat Lindley, the Prevue for careers assessment is simple & quick to administer (taking just one hour to complete online) with results being generated within seconds after completion.

As a Career Guidance practitioner, how will Prevue for careers add value?

Prevue for Careers has undergone extensive evaluation to ensure that it is fair, valid and reliable.  Having completed several equivalency studies in South Africa to establish country specific norms, the Prevue for careers system is registered with the HPCSA, however not classified, making it accessible to all Career guidance practitioners who have undergone training.  We guarantee that the Prevue for careers assessment, along with the Life Planning Guide and Perfect Career Planner website will add value to you and your clients by:
  • Eliminating guess work
  • Providing you with an international recognized career guidance tool which is both user friendly and cost effective
  • Easily identifying which careers your clients are best suited to
  • Providing your clients with the tools needed to research careers and courses available

What does Prevue for Careers measure?

Based on the “big 5” framework, The Prevue for Careers assessment comprises of both timed and untimed sections measuring Abilities, Interests/motivations and Personality. Abilities: Also referred to as General Mental Ability, Cognitive Reasoning or Learning Speed, this section measures the individual’s abilities in terms of:
  • working with numbers (numerical reasoning)
  • working with words (verbal reasoning)
  • working with shapes (spatial reasoning)
Interests: Assesses the individuals’ level of motivation and areas of interest in terms of:
  • working with data
  • working with people
  • working with things
Personality: Provides the following work relevant personality constructs: Prevue_Table


--Prevue for Careers

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