Applying for a job is very similar to applying for a role in a play. Candidates present the perfect picture – the image you want to see. The perfect business suite, the firm hand-shake and sparkling smile! Within the first 2Two businessmen in suits shaking hands and smiling. minutes of meeting them, you have summed up whether or not they resonate with you and your decision is based predominantly on your own very subjective opinion. Unfortunately, this opinion is based purely on your own criteria and is based on no scientific evidence what so ever. Fundamentally, areas need to be probed which an interview will not establish. Can this candidate do the job – what is there overall mental ability like? Can they calculate figures quickly in their head without the use of a calculator? How well can they put together a business letter? Do they have strategic planning ability and able to problem solve? These are questions you most certainly can ask in an interview (or take a reference check from a previous employer) however, will you know for certain if what you are hearing is in fact the truth? The next important aspect that needs to be considered is whether this individual fits your company culture. Will they fit in with their colleagues and the manager they report to? They may be perfect for the job but, in time, resign due to a personality clash or an inability to fit into your company’s overall culture. This too is impossible to probe fully in an interview. And lastly, how will you know for certain whether this candidate is in fact suited to the job he has applied for? He will for certain tell you that he is, but realistically, is he really in the right career to begin with? Once again, another impossible area to probe in an interview. Please don’t get me wrong, the interview is an essential part of your recruitment process however, it needs to be conducted in conjunction with a more scientific approach i.e. The results from a psychometric assessment which for certain, will evaluate all of the above in one simple test. The cost of employing the wrong person is staggering in yet it still surprises me how more often than not, HR practitioners will still recruit based on their own subjective opinion. The cost to evaluate an individual is extremely affordable and results can be generated prior to your final interview being scheduled. The Prevue assessment is a quick, inexpensive assessment which will evaluate all those “hidden” areas in one short assessment. We are so convinced that the results will change your opinion for good regarding the use of psychometric assessments, we are going to offer you a complimentary one should you wish to put it to the test. To find out more, contact Laura at Assessments Online today!