Employing and retaining suitable staff in today’s turbulent times, is a critical factor in the sustainability of one’s business. The costs incurred in employing the “wrong” person can amount to hundreds of thousands of DEVELOPING-YOUR-BUSINESS-DURING-THE-ECONOMIC-RECESSIONrands – something no company can afford to risk losing! We offer a range of business development tools which aid in minimizing the risk of employing the “wrong person” as well as developing employees to enhance performance and productivity. Interviews are subjective & perhaps the most unreliable method to select staff… The world acclaimed PREVUE web-based assessment identifies potential by means of assessing Ability, Interest & Personality Plus has a unique benchmarking facility, enabling one to match the suitability of candidates to job criteria, complying with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act. Why take the risk of employing the wrong person for the job? For further information, contact Assessments Online