CAREER-GUIDANCE-WHY-BOTHERWouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone living on this planet was happy in their chosen profession? We would all have loads of job satisfaction and overall, people would be happy and content. The reality is, majority of people are stuck in the wrong career. Through circumstances, one moves into a certain industry and as one gets older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to change due to financial responsibilities and family commitments. It saddens me to see how many people “hate” their job. Coming from a recruitment background, this became evident when seeing how majority of people job-hop from one company to the next, trying to find the job satisfaction which unfortunately, is lacking more often than not due to the job itself, and not company they’re in. Statistics show that 1 in every 3 students who starts a tertiary course, fails to complete it. You may ask yourself, why is our failure rate so high? More often than not, inadequate research is done by the student with the result, after realizing that the career of choice is not for them, they have already wasted a year of study, if not two. The technology does however exist to eliminate this guesswork, minimizing you unnecessary stress, wasted time and money. We have assessed thousands of successful people working within different industries and have established a variety of benchmarks, identifying their similarities e.g. what type of personality, ability and interests does a successful Accountant have? On completion of our online career guidance assessment, your results will be matched against these benchmarks to establish whether your personality, abilities and interests are similar to that of highly successful people within these different industries. The results are extraordinarily accurate and reliable, providing you with a clear outcome to assist you in your decision making process. If you are in the wrong career or through lack of knowledge, end up moving into the wrong career, you have no-one but yourself to blame! There is no time like the present to find your perfect career