Can you imagine waking up on a Monday morning and looking forward to going to work? This need not be a dream should you be fortunate to have chosen the right career.ARE-YOU-IN-THE-RIGHT-CAREER The main reasons why people consider leaving their job are a lack of job security or a sense of limited growth potential. The real reason however may be simple – you’re in the wrong career. There is absolutely no reason why you should be miserable in a company that offers no job satisfaction however, you need to ascertain before considering a change whether or not the job or the company is the result of the job dissatisfaction. Too often, a change of employer results in further job dissatisfaction, as the underlying reason is more often than not, not the employer, but the job itself. Should this be the case, consulting a career guidance and assessment specialist is the answer. I always ask my clients two questions before starting the assessment process – firstly, you’re be entering a new industry with little or no work experience to offer – would you be able to take a drop in salary? Secondly, would you be willing to study towards your new career? If the answer to both questions is “yes”, the process can begin.